Upstate New York (UNY) I-Corps Node

Cornell University, University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology have partnered to create the Upstate New York (UNY) I-Corps Node. Together, the three universities have received a $4.2 million award from the NSF to support this Node.

The I-Corps Node program is designed to prepare participants to innovate and create beyond the academic sphere. The UNY I-Corps Node will provide targeted curriculum, mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, and a connection to the national I-Corps network of Nodes, Sites, Teams, and knowledge. Each year, the UNY I-Corps Node will recommend 20-30 teams to the National NSF program, where participants can receive $50K NSF funding and other opportunities; participating in a Short Course is an excellent way to get involved in the I-Corps network.

More Information

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For more information on the NSF iCorps program, visit the I-Corps website.

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Short Courses are free and do not require your team to have previous/current NSF funding.

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