Engineering Commercialization Fellows

Engineering Commercialization Fellows

A Cornell Engineering program supported by CREA.

Commercialization Fellows is an opportunity for engineering PhD students to take a deep dive into the commercialization process and potential real-world applications of university inventions.

The program supports Fellows financially so they can focus on the work, instead of dividing their energy between multiple projects. By doing this, Cornell is putting an emphasis on commercialization skills as an academic pursuit, instead of an extracurricular activity.

This program pairs Engineering PhDs and Johnson School MBAs. The peer-to-peer knowledge sharing mirrors what both groups will encounter in industry: the critical interface of research and development with business acumen.

Commercialization Fellows is part of Cornell’s commitment to support students as they turn ideas into impact. Regardless of whether the Fellows go on to a career in industry, education, or their own startup, they will be more effective because of this experience.

Contact info:

David Erickson
Sibley College Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies